Harke Haldar 23 Dec, 2015


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Harke Haldar 23 Dec, 2015

Harke Haldar | हर्के हल्दार Harke Haldar is a kantipur televison presentation aired every Wednesday. Harke Haldar ia a Nepali comedy TV show.  Bishnu Sapkota plays various characters in this show. This show is directed by Prakash Subedi, and written by Sailendra Simkhada.

This episode of Harke Haldar is broadcasted on Kantipur TV. Harke Haldar is one of the famous comedy program. It is based on entertainment show in which there are many comic characters playing the role and “Harkey” is the main character of the play.He is a simple honest but he is mentally disabled son of soldier. He have double role in this show.He is also playing the role of retire soldier. Other character of this program are Aasha, Khambe, Batuli, Jhamke, etc. –

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