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Nisha Deshar is a well known singer who is popular not only for her Nepali songs but also for her songs in Newari language.

Nisha Deshar studied from nursery to grade 3 at Hilltop Boarding School and from grade 3 to 7 at Bajra Barahi School. She did her SLC exams from Prerana Women’s School in the year 2060 BS.

Nisha Deshar got married at the age of 17 years to the love of her life Umus Sherpa, a journalist by profession.

Her inspiration for getting into the field of music was her late uncle Prem Bahadur Deshar. In the year 2058 BS, she participated in a music competition in Radio Nepal and got a prize to record a song. She recorded her first song ‘To Ta Ohuma’ in Newari language which made her popular and gained her recognition in Newari music.

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