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Roma Neupane – Performer, Biography, Dance, Songs

Roma Neupane has a dream to become a successful leader and artist. When she discloses the ambition of her life, people’s eyes turn to her handicapped body with questions. In fact this is a dream of Roma Neupane, who became handicapped at the age of eight.
Unfortunately, she met with all the difficulties of life and experienced great bitterness. Fortunately, she overcame those sorrows and pain. Now, she wants to break the chain of discrimination and want to pave the way to drive the car of her life. In her imaginary world, she craves that handicapped will live in a non-discriminatory life and can do many things for their survival. Of course, her desires are followed by the possibilities.
Roma Neupane, a lucky handicapped, is accompanied by a unique quality and support, which changed the realities of her life.

Roma Neupane made a lot of fans in Nepal and also in other countries. She has been the example of a brave woman.

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